Sunday, September 2, 2012

My crazy baby!! Aaauugghhh!

So...there I am - doing my 3 am email check (this is when L wakes up for his nightly feeding) and guess what I see?!

Well let me set the scene. So he wakes up - I wake up - I make bottle - I change his diaper. He drinks bottle and will not go back to sleep until he has sat in his walker for about 15 minutes, squeaked, talked, screamed at his binky, played with his toys for another 15 minutes in playpen and then screamed at me because he is fighting All this while daddy snores away and I check my email - until the screaming begins and I soothe him back to sleep and then fall back into my pillow until 6 am when it is time to wake up B and A.  Luckily this is the weekend so the 6 am thing won't apply.

So there I am this morning - after the bottle. I put him in his walker and head to the desk for some email time. After about 10 minutes I see movement out of the corner of my eye that (in our dimly lit room) I know isn't normal. I turn my head away from the computer screen and my eyes focus......

and surprise ... my little tart has found a way to come out of his walker, turn around, and have a seat on the walker tray (yes on top of Winnie, Tigger & Eeyore), using the seat for a little step stool. And there he is...proud as anything - looking all around the room from his new sight level. HOLY CANOLI!

Scared the poo out of me! I think it's quite possible that is the fastest I've moved since he was born!

Whew...deep breath. So...I guess that's it for the walker...

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