Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oh yes...that just happened. know you've had a long day when....

What. A. Long. Day. - That is what I was thinking on the way home.  It has been one of "those" days.  You know the kind:
  • Wake up at 3 am with headache - Check!
  • Wake up at 5 am and waddle to the kitchen with my eyes closed to make a bottle - only to find that the little guy really just wanted his binky and is now fast asleep - Check!
  • Wake up late (which means no time to shower) - Check!
  • Start knocking off the mile-long "To Do" list only to realize you can't do it all because enough time does not exist - Check!
  • Spend the day (half asleep) trying to deal with people that you are convinced are out to get you or maybe it is just a full moon - Check!
Yes.  That kind.  But then - finally - it is time to head home.  Sweet. :)

So there I am, sitting in my car, driving home.  It has turned into a lovely night so I turn the A/C off and roll down the windows to enjoy the light breeze.  I have the radio tuned to my favorite station and I realize I'm pretty beat when I can't even really sing along.  So happy to be headed home.

And then as I'm waiting for the light to turn green, I see it.  Right in the middle of the intersection!  A big frog!!  He is just hopping little tiny hops across the intersection.  Then my mind begins to wander......There is no water around here.  No creek.  Where did this little guy come from?  Well he's hardly little - he's actually quite large!  Poor little thing.  Unfortunately, I am in no condition to be stopping traffic to rescue a huge frog that I'll have no idea what to do with.  Although...the thought does cross my mind. (sigh) Lord, I need to get home. (Yawn.)

Finally, the light is green and as I start to push the gas peddle, I feel a tiny bit bad for this poor little froggy.  I sure hope he doesn't get smushed!  And at that very momemt, a car speeds through the light in the lane beside me and I already know he's done for.  The next few seconds play out in slow motion - the car hits the frog and he flies up into the air and then slowly starts to flutter back to the middle of the intersection.  I know what you are thinking....frogs don't flutter!  Nope.  They sure don't - but potato chip bags do.  Yep.  That just happened.

So for future reference - no matter the day you've had - no matter how resilient you think you are - anytime you mistake a potato chip bag being slowly pushed across an interesection by a light breeze... for a frog - you've defnitely had a long day.

Good night all & sweet froggy dreams!


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