Thursday, August 2, 2012

Date with my boys. :)

Isn't it funny how you wake up one morning with a plan for the day and it changes hour by hour until you hit the pillow?

Well that is how today has been - and I must say I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

The original plan: Oldest son B and my daughter A went to their dads last night - and probably won't be back for a couple of days.  Get the baby L to sleep by around 6 am and then put myself to bed until at least noon.  Have lunch with my mom around 1:00 - do some Avon & Usborne errands - then back home.  Wait for the MIL to get here to watch little L so "my guy" and I can go play in the dart league.  Come home around 10, feed and bathe little L and put him down for his midnight to 3 am nap.  Do my PC work until 3 am - change and feed little L, play with him, watch a little TV with 'my guy' since he is now home.  Put little L to bed by 6 and put myself to sleep until about 11 until I have to get ready for work.

That was my plan.  Pretty typical day for me actually.  This is how it really went:
 - L didn't go to sleep at 6 am like he normally does.  He took about a 15 minute nap, but then was up until almost noon.  I laid down to get a little rest and slept until 5pm.  No lunch with mom (sorry mom), no Avon or Usborne errands (sorry pocket book!).
 - MIL wasn't feeling well so she texted she couldn't come hang with little L tonight.  I tried to get dear SIL to come over but she had already made plans.  No darts tonight - no biggie!  League won't actually start until probably next week so I'm only missing out on practice.
 - B decided he wanted to come home because he didn't want to go to the water park his dad and sister were going to and because he wanted to get caught up on the chapter he is writing for his novel and to work on his drawings.  He was home by about 5pm. 

New plan: Take both my boys and make a date night of it! :)  Me and L get ready and give Daddy kisses bye (he has to be at work in an hour).  We pile in the car with B and head into town.  First stop: A friends house to drop off a movie for them to borrow and catch up with small talk.  Then we head to the bank by 9pm to make a deposit.  Bank closed at 8. (sigh)  Everyone back in the car - but the battery is now dead. Ugh!!  A very kind woman offered to jump me off if I had jumper cables and new how to hook them up.  I was pretty sure I did, but wanted to be sure so I called my friends hubby.  He walked me through it and we got it started.  I thank the lady (and kick myself because I have no books or brochures with me to give her!!) and then we are on our way.  My interior lights are beginning to dim and flicker.  As long as I keep the gas pushed in and the engine revved it is ok.  But now we can't go get a bite to eat for fear that the car won't start again.  So we head to Taco Casa's drive-thru!

While we are waiting in line, the interior lights get lighter and lighter.  By the time I get to the window I pay the woman and tell her my car is about to die and block her drive-thru so I am going to pull off to the side and send my son in for the food.  Her response: "Well hurry and drive to the next window!"  Thanks for your expert advice.  So I pull out of the line and send B in - and although they know what is going on and it was our turn to pick up food at the window, they send him back outside for the my lights get even more dim.  The car nearly died at every light on the way home.  I finally pull into the driveway and turn off the engine.  I tried to start it again and it started right back up.  WTH!?  I cancelled dinner at Mexican Inn for nothing! Ugh.

So we make a bottle for L and I let B sit in 'my guy's' chair and we decide to watch Netflix.  Taco Casa was exceptionally yummy and we really enjoyed the movie!

What a great little movie!  Even though this movie came out in 2003 neither B or I had seen it yet.  Eddie Murphy is always a hoot and the kids in the movie (especially the little boy that plays his son) were super cute and funny.  The movie taught a great lesson about family and happiness being more important than anything else really and how doing the right thing isn't always the easiest - but works out in the end. :)

After L's bottle - he sat in his bubba's lap and watched it with us until he fell asleep in B's arms. :) 

Now L is asleep - B is in bed - and I am about to go find my pillow.  Well after I do some laundry.  Night all :)

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